Expert UTV Maintenance Services | Topline Industries In San Bernardino, CA

UTV Maitenance and Repair Services

Level I

Basic Service & Inspection
$ 350 Parts/Fluids Included in Price
  • Engine oil, plug seal, and filter change.
  • Air filter clean & inspect.
  • CVT clean/inspect.
  • Torque/check suspension bolts & wheels.
  • Grease and lube all suspension components/zerk fittings.
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Level II

Full Service & Inspection
$ 595 Parts/Fluids Included in Price
  • Includes all of Level I package
  • the following items:
  • Front differential oil change.
  • Transmission oil change
  • Spark plug replacement
We Rebuild Engines
We Rebuild Engines
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Level III

Ultimate Service & Inspection
$ 1195 Parts/Fluids Included in Price
  • Includes both Level I & Level II packages.
  • the following items:
  • Brake fluid flush.
  • Coolant flush.
  • Electrical component inspection.
  • Axle boot inspection and greasing.
  • Frame inspection.
  • Chassis lubrication.
  • Suspension bushing inspection.
  • Tire pressure check and adjustment.
  • Tire rotation.
  • Wheel bearing inspection & replacement.
  • Brake pad inspection & replacement.


Welcome to our comprehensive UTV maintenance services page. At Topline RV & Marine, we have a division dedicated to your parts, service & UTV repair needs. We offer a wide range of ala carte services and service packages to keep your off-road adventures safe, enjoyable, and worry-free. Explore our services below and schedule your maintenance appointment today! 

  • We rebuild UTV engines right here in San Bernardino, CA.  
  • We buy UTV engine cores. 
  • We pay cash for your UTV/ATV’s!